About Nofence

Start and History

To whom it may concern;

This is to announce that a new association called "NO FENCE" has been established.

The full name of this association is "No Fence in North Korea." The objectives of its activities are to inform the world of the concentration camps in North Korea and to rescue the prisoners who are confined for life and unable to go free. This is a campaign that will appeal to the world to remove the electric barbed wire surrounding the camps (thus the name, "No Fence," to simplify the expression).

This organization will develop its campaign, aiming solely to help abolish the concentration camps in North Korea. Based on the principles of the International Covenants on Human Rights, we will raise our voices exclusively on the issue of violation of human rights, because human rights issues concern all human beings around the globe.

Achieving the goal of our activities is not easy, however. We are confident that your interest and cooperation will facilitate the success of this campaign.

We will keep appealing to the world for the abolition of the concentration camps in North Korea.



Our Philosophy

The goal of our activities, as stated in the purpose in the Rules of the Association, is to abolish the concentration camps in North Korea as soon as possible. In the concentration camps isolated with barbed wire, allegedly, as many as 200,000 people are arbitrarily confined without being treated as human beings.

There are numerous innocent people who are deprived of all human rights, forced to live an excruciating life as salves inside deadlines and end their lives there. There are even children who are tortured and unjustly put to death. There is a reality that some are easily executed for an unreasonable reason as a warning to others without any opportunity for a fair judicial trial.

The situation at the concentration camps, or what may be called the '"hell on Earth" left in the 21st century, has been gradually revealed by people who have miraculously escaped from the camps and country. Testimonies have been collected and investigation results have been reported by human rights activists and other organizations around the world, and the locations of the camps have been confirmed with satellite pictures to support the testimonies.

So long as we live as humans, we simply cannot ignore this reality. We believe that it is our responsibility as the same human beings as the prisoners who share the world to eliminate such concentration camps.

This determination is the philosophy of NO FENCE.



Message from the joint representative


NO FENCE Consititution